Warehouse (Advance) Shipment Estimate (Crated or Skidded)


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  • Material Handling is billed by the hundredweight (CWT) per shipment, with a 2 CWT minimum. Small packages (30 pounds or less per shipment) are billed per piece.
  • Material handling costs are rounded up to the next hundred pounds. For example, a delivery that weighs 347 pounds will be billed at 4 CWT.
  • Shipments received without weight tickets will be weighed and charged special handling rates.
  • Special handling rates also apply to shipments requiring additional or double handling, including pad-wrapped, unskidded and double-stacked shipments; side-door, constricted-space and/or ground-level unloading, and oversized crates.
  • Final Material Handling charges will appear on your statement after actual inbound and outbound shipments have been processed.


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