How This New Media Production Trend Could Affect You

At ONYX MS, we are a full-service media production company specializing in advanced communication solutions, including graphics, lighting, and event management. In the past, we’ve organized engaging events for the likes of Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, and Time Warner.

However, during the pandemic, due to the social distancing restrictions, many clients’ had to put their meetings, trade shows, and events on the ice. As a result, we saw a massive reduction in our revenue, which made us think more innovatively.

As things started to open up, we were allowed to put on shows for our clients with a limited number of participants to maintain public safety. We had to create cost-effective meeting layouts for maximum protection while ensuring that participants were not left out. It enabled clients to benefit from having marketing events targeting specific audiences.

Therefore, in the future, we are confident that even if the rules change due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we will be able to offer high-quality production and management services while maintaining exceptional customer care.

If you want to create captivating campaigns, get in touch with ONYX MS today. As a reliable media production company in Covington, Georgia, we will help you with all your event needs while staying within budget.

Our enthusiastic team has over forty years of combined industry experience and is committed to managing shows, exhibit displays, and special events from beginning to end. We take care of everything from arranging the flow and lighting to setting up the booths and creating killer presentations.

Our services include audio-visual production, graphics designing, project management, facility management, live streaming, and conference planning. We serve clients across Metro Atlanta and North America.

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